Alpha Delta Dynamites Winter ’12

Brenda “hpnotiq” Chiang
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Neuroscience
Big Sis: Gracie “mimosa” Soignet
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi is my home away from home.




Min Kyeong “Belvedere” Ji
Hometown: Weston, FL
Major: Architecture
Big Sis: Audrea “NUVO” Shim
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi has taught me so much in a professional and non- professional way. It has provided me with a broad network and sisters who will always be there for me in any situations.




Christa “Élysée” Pok
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Major: Informatics — Social Computing
Position: Historian
Big Sis: Amy “Locket” Yang
Why aKDPhi?: It is through aKDPhi that I’ve met the people I know I will forever call my sisters.



Chisato “éclair” Suga
Hometown: Andover, MA
Major: Violin Performance & LSA Undecided
Big Sis: Julia “Cassiopeia” Cheng
Why aKDPhi?: Having sisters that I can share my ups and downs with and knowing that they will support me through anything no matter what.




Athena “iShadow” Zhu
Hometown: Rochester, MI
Major: Psychology and Communications
Big Sis: Maria “SPARKLE” Romo
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi has given me a group of people who will always be there for me no matter what time of day it is and how small or big my problem is.