Alpha Epsilon Exquisites Fall ’12

Hyein “Esteé” Cheon
Hometown: Ridgefield, NJ
Major: Civil Engineering
Big Sis: Lily “Chloé” Ma
Why aKDPhi?: It is an exclusive network consisting of hard driven girls that will always share their common interests and life goals together, and being a part of this makes me feel more at home.



Stephanie “AveenO” Choi
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Major: Communications and Psychology
Position: Alumnae Chair
Big Sis: Lily “Camellia” Yan
Why aKDPhi?: Through aKDPhi, I have met many sisters who I am lucky to call some of my best friends in my life. aKDPhi gives you the opportunity to meet many new people and create new connections.


Sara “Lunetta” Sin
Hometown: Valley Stream, NY
Major: International Studies
Position: VP External, Academics Chair
Big Sis: Pamela “Sunkissed” Lopez
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi has taught me the skills to manage all of the organizations and things I am involved with in my life.  At the same time, I’ve expanded my social network and gained sisters and friends that I would never have imagined getting along with.


Sara “Stracciatella” Ting
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Neuroscience
Position: Sisterhood Chair
Big Sis: Linda “Fireball” Pan
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi has provided me with an expansive network of people to connect with around the world.



Ruby “Bellini” Yang
Hometown: Upland, CA
Major: Biopsychology, Cognitive, and Neuroscience
Position: VP Internal
Big Sis: Linda “Fireball” Pan
Why aKDPhi?: The amount of friends and connections I can make around the world.



Sandy “muse” Yang
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Major: Social Computing Informatics
Position: VP Service, Webmistress
Big Sis: Anna “auROARa” Zhang
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi because of its eternal strength, sisterhood, friendship, and love.



Angie “RimmeL” Zou
Hometown: Canton, MI
Major: Neuroscience
Position: Publicity Chair
Big Sis: Lily “Camellia” Yan
Why aKDPhi?: For strong lifelong bonds and unforgettable friendships.