Alpha Zeta Zaras Winter ’13

akdphi website tree#158
Tree “melodee” Park
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: History of Art and International Studies
Big Sis: Julia “sonata” Kim
Why aKDPhi?: I really appreciate the love and friendship I am able to create with the sisters. It has been a great part of my college experience.




Kaylyn “sonoré” Weng
Hometown: Lake Orion, MI
Major: Undecided
Big Sis: Emily “enKORÉ” Wang
Why aKDPhi?: aKDPhi has definitely shaped me into a more mature person with a good understanding of what I want and do not want in life. It challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and to take risks. Not to mention, I have met wonderful, innovative and ambitious individuals whom I look up to.