What is aKDPhi without sisterhood? What is SORORITY life without sisterhood? The answer is nothing. Sisterhood is the foundation with which we have built our chapter on. For all of us, alpha Kappa Delta Phi has become our second home and it is because of that bond, that we can call ourselves genuinely and forever sisters.

Regionally:There are currently 7 chapters within the Midwest Region. During the course of one school year, we hold a variety of annual sisterhood retreats and conferences where everybody in the region gathers together for a weekend of activities and fun. Our annual Fall and Winter events are known as the Midwest Sisterhood Rally and Midwest Sisterhood Conference, respectively, and are hosted by different chapters every semester. In addition, regionally, sisters attend one another’s sisterhood, service, cultural, and academic events.
There are currently 48 chapters nationwide, stretching from the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest, across to the East Coast, and even over the border into Canada — making us the largest, and most geographically diversified, Asian-American sorority nationally and internationally. One of the greatest part about being an aKDPhi sister is being able to visit other cities and states and know that you will be taken care of by your fellow sisters there. During Memorial Weekend of every year, aKDPhi hosts a convention, held at a different chapter each time. It’s a great way to meet sisters from other chapters nationwide! Apart from our annual convention, there are other annual events that are hosted throughout the nation that we take part in. As sisters of this sorority, we are so proud and honored to be a part of such a time old tradition and sorority as alpha Kappa Delta Phi. The opportunities for networking and friendships are endless.